Monday, 21 June 2021

Residents object to infill housing

Residents object to infill housing

PLANS for new homes in Lower Shiplake are inappropriate due to the flood risk, say residents.

Jaspal Kaur has applied to South Oxfordshire District Council to permission to develop land on the corner of Mill Road and Crowsley Road.

He has suggested building either two three-bedroom chalet bungalows or two-bedroom semi-detached houses or either of these with an additional three-bedroom chalet.

The northern end of the site falls within flood zone 2 and the eastern edge is within flood zone 3, which is the highest category.

There are also mature and protected trees on site.

Guy van zwanenberg, of Crowsley Road, said: “The site is adjacent to the Lashbrook, which is liable to heavy flooding.

“The loss of trees would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the local landscape and would significantly diminish the character of the area.  The trees are in good health and are capable of standing for many years.”

Victoria Clarke, a planning officer, said: “I believe the principle of developing the site for a residential use is acceptable.

“However, any proposal would be severely constrained by the protected trees and the flood zone, combined with the design considerations required to protect neighbour amenity and retain the character of the surrounding area.

“In my view, the site is only likely to be able to accommodate a maximum of one chalet-style dwelling, if any at all. 

“It appears that parts of the buildings proposed in some options would extend into the flood zone and this would be unacceptable.

“I have spoken to the forestry officer about the potential for deep piling and an above-ground ring foundation design for development on the site.

“He is sceptical of this approach and says it is very unlikely he would support development proposed within the root protection areas of the trees even with this method of construction.”

Shiplake Parish Council has also objected on the grounds of the size and scale of the development and location within the flood zone.

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