Monday, 21 June 2021

Thank you gift to ex-chairman

A FORMER Sonning Common parish councillor was given a certificate and gift for his 12 years of service.

Douglas Kedge, of Lea Road, stepped down in February. He  joined the council in 2009 and was chairman from 2012 to 2018.

Councillor Carole Lewis, who took over as chairman from Mr Kedge, presented him with an antique wine glass at the annual meeting of the council on Monday.

She said: “You’ve indoctrinated me in the standing orders as we have to have them to run our council. We’re sorry you left us but I’m sure you will take an interest in what the council is doing.

“This is the most beautiful antique glassware and it’s something for you to remember your time at the parish council.”  Mr Kedge thanked Cllr Lewis and said it had been “time to move on”.

He said: “It goes back to 2011 and the first contested parish council elections in living memory.

“The right people were elected and in later years the right people have been co-opted. Valuable changes have been made to the parish office and the right people became parish officers and working party members. This is the best parish council in South Oxfordshire and one of the best in the country.

“Being a member of a council has been a pleasure. Tomorrow I shall use this George III wine glass for the first time with red wine and I will drink to the health of Sonning Common Parish Council.” 

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