Monday, 29 November 2021

Call to cut speed limit rejected

Call to cut speed limit rejected

CALLS for a reduction in the speed limit on a main road through Wargrave have been rejected.

Stephen Conway, who represents Twyford on Wokingham Borough Council, the highways authority, asked for the 40mph limit on the A321 from the A4 roundabout to be made 30mph or lower.

He said this would reduce the risk of an accident involving pupils walking to the Piggott School in Twyford Road.

But the council said that Thames Valley Police data did not support a strong case to reduce the limit.

The force has reviewed the limits on all A and B roads in the borough including the A321 Twyford Road and A4 Bath Road.

Pauline Jorgensen, lead member for highways and transport, said: “This exercise showed that average vehicle speeds on the section between the A4 junction and the Piggott School are compliant with the current speed limit.

“That said, the council fully acknowledges that some drivers habitually exceed the speed limit and that police enforcement is the most appropriate intervention for this issue.

“Thames Valley Police are a key stakeholder in the process of changes to speed limits and without their support any proposals are challenging to progress.

“In this case, the good levels of compliance and the absence of a poor safety record indicate that there is not a sufficient basis upon which to make a case for a reduced speed limit.

“As a strategic A-road, the potential for further engineering measures to inhibit speeds on the A321 is limited without also impacting upon the use of this road by traffic.”

Councillor Conway said that as the issue involved the safety of children, he hoped Councillor Jorgensen would press the police anyway.

“A reduction to 30mph would be an improvement, though I note that the council has introduced 20mph zones outside other schools during school hours,” he added.

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