Thursday, 09 December 2021

Neighbours object to new home

NEIGHBOURS have objected to plans to extend a house in Wargrave.

Karen Neall, of Hamilton Road, wants to convert her loft into habitable space, which requires a new roof.

She is also proposing a first-floor extension over the garage, front roof dormers and a new rear flat roof.

Residents of Clifton Rise have sent objections to Wokingham Borough Council, the planning authority.

Sophie Martin and Michael Dennis say the garage extension would be “imposing” and would have a “significant impact” on neighbours, creating a feeling of being “crammed in”.

They say: “The first-floor side window would be very close to the existing side window of the neighbouring property.

“This would impact privacy levels significantly and make it uncomfortable to have the bathroom window open.

“The two-storey extension above the garage would eliminate [the] flow of natural sunlight into the garden.”

Joanna Harling, also of Clifton Rise, says: “The additional side-elevated structure over the existing garage would reduce natural light into our back garden.

“The sun comes through this ‘gap’ and over into our garden, something our neighbours are aware of as we’d asked if they could reduce the height of a tree at the end of their garden, which they did and we paid towards the cost of.

“If this area is blocked in with the proposed construction that natural light would be gone and our garden would be in more shade than before.”

Wargrave Parish Council has not objected.

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