Monday, 04 July 2022

Mooring point for disabled approved

Mooring point for disabled approved

PLANS by Hobbs of Henley for an accessible mooring point to make it easier and safer for disabled people to use its boats have been approved.

South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, has passed amended plans for a timber and metal accessible ramp from the road down to an existing area of pontoons to be upgraded as part of the scheme.

The revised application for Hobbs’ Red Lion moorings includes a reduction in the size of the floating pontoon and the loss of one finger jetty to allow for the mooring of boats closer to the riverbank and not out into the river.

Hobbs already has level access at the mooring point off Thames Side but said this was too narrow and lacked guard barriers, making it dangerous for people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

Both Henley Town Council and the Henley Society had opposed the application due to its impact on the character of the area and the adjacent moorings and traffic, saying a disabled ramp in the location was unnecessary due to the existing one nearby.

Hobbs said the plans would not be detrimental to the nearby conservation area and the rail and timber fencing would be in a design and style to match the existing gates and fences in the immediate area.

In a statement supporting the application, Hobbs’ agent ADSJ Associates said: “Currently people with mobility issues are not able to access the moorings in this part of Henley.

“This means that the moorings do not represent an inclusive development providing opportunities for all members of the community to access the boats and other rivercraft.

“This will be on the site of existing moorings and therefore there will be no increase in the number of boats moored on the river.

“Any noise associated by boat and rivercraft users will be no greater than that which already exists in this part of Henley.”

“This proposal will ensure there is a dedicated, permanent, wheelchair-safe access to boats and will provide an opportunity for people of all abilities to equally access boats.”

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