Tuesday, 05 July 2022

Millions needed to fund social care, says council

Millions needed to fund social care, says council

REFORMS to adult social care payments will cost Oxfordshire taxpayers millions of pounds unless the Government properly funds the costs, the county council has warned.

In September, the Government announced changes to the rules covering costs that individuals pay towards their own care and fees paid to providers.

These include a new adult social care cap that limits the amount individuals will have to pay to £86,000.

The changes, to be brought in over 18 months, could potentially double the number of people eligible for financial support in Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire County Council has an annual budget of £212 million for adult social care which represents 40 per cent of its overall budget.

It is responsible for funding care for more than 6,200 adults, made up of older people, people with learning, physical and mental health disabilities.

Councillor Calum Miller, cabinet member for finance, said: “The money the government has set aside does not even come close to meeting the anticipated costs for local government.

“Government has adopted changes that will increase both the costs and the number of people eligible for local authority support but they have short-changed councils and their residents.

“Unless government funds its reforms fully, it is passing the buck to local taxpayers. Like many councils, Oxfordshire faces real financial constraints.

“If we have to put millions into adult social care, that means millions we cannot spend on other priorities like maintaining roads, keeping libraries open or supporting vulnerable young people.”

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