Sunday, 07 August 2022

Budget for new vehicle

Budget for new vehicle

HENLEY Town Council has agreed to spend £20,000 on a new vehicle for its parks services team.

At a meeting of the full council on Tuesday, councillors suggested looking at environmentally-friendly options.

Councillor Will Hamilton agreed with the purchase but would like to see a more determined move to the use and purchase of electric vehicles.

However, Councillor david Eggleton questioned whether there are electric vehicles on the market that could do the jobs required by the parks team and, if there are, often they are a lot more expensive.

“The team has done its research and knows what they need,” he said. “They do an excellent job in this town and if they get the right vehicles they can carry on doing that.”

Meanwhile, new IT equipment costing almost £1,000 was also approved.

Concillors agreed to fund the purchase of a laptop with  dual screens, peripherals, set up and software costing £960 at its meeting on Tuesday. 

Laptops are issued one per member of council staff, but during handover periods, as a new recruit joins the staff, the council was finding it hard to find spare machines so new and old staff can work at the same time.

The purchase will also result in a no loss of productivity during handover periods. 

• The meeting was interrupted 12 minutes in by a fire alarm. Councillors left the chamber for about three minutes before returning.

The cause of the alarm is known. 

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