Tuesday, 01 December 2020

‘I live in fear of my road’

A WARGRAVE man has launched a campaign to make his street safer.

A WARGRAVE man has launched a campaign to make his street safer.

Stephen Farrow says that Blakes Road is becoming more dangerous as the traffic increases.

He has lived there with his wife and two daughters for 24 years and says the problems of drivers speeding and volume of traffic are getting worse.

Now he has launched a petition to present to Wokingham Borough Council.

“I live in fear,” said Mr Farrow. “There are no speed restrictions — you have to go slower on the A4 than on the roads round here.

“There are six or seven blind bends on Blakes Road and people travel quite fast.

“It has definitely got worse over the last couple of years. I have done a count and there can be anything up to 1,000 vehicles a day. It cannot just be local traffic or it would mean that virtually everyone in Wargrave was going out at the same time.

“Plus the high volume of traffic is ruining the verges and what could be an attractive road is looking like a tip.

“We have alerted the borough council to the fact that there is an accident waiting to happen.

“It seems as if there needs to be two fatalities as a minimum requirement for any action to be taken.”

Mr Farrow says another problem is heavy goods vehicles using the narrow, winding road.

There used to be a restriction that allowed only vehicles less than three tonnes to use the road but then the limit was raised to 7.5 tonnes.

“It is particularly galling because of the noise,” said Mr Farrow, who claimed that sometimes his family couldn’t hear the television.

“Even the diesel vehicles make our windows rattle even though we are quite far from the road.

“There is a very nasty cut-in and bend at the end of the road, which is where we are, and people are always reversing in and out of the cut-in.

“One particular large vehicle comes through twice a day every day. Even the diesel vehicles make our windows rattle, even though we are quite far from the road.”

Mr Farrow, a management consultant, says the most practicable solution would be to put in a pinch point. “I have suggested that it goes further down in Blakes Lane so that vehicles have an exit,” he said. “There is something similar in Springfield Park in Twyford — the metal posts there are quite a deterrent.”

Matt Davey, head of highways at Wokingham Borough Council, said: “In response to a letter from a resident raising concerns about HGVs using the road, we carried out a survey to assess this. We’re now processing the findings of this survey to see what actions, if any, need to be taken.”

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