Thursday, 03 December 2020

Resident backed over disabled parking bay

A DISABLED parking bay is set to be created in Gainsborough Road, Henley.

A DISABLED parking bay is set to be created in Gainsborough Road, Henley.

The idea was suggested to Oxfordshire County Council by Dave Eggleton, who lives in the street.

He also recommended installing a dropped kerb, saying disabled people and wheelchair users on the Gainsborough estate could be at risk if they could not be reached by emergency vehicles.

Mr Eggleton, 55, who recently co-founded the Gainsborough Residents’ Association, said: “I put it forward as it’s what the residents wanted and I’ve seen incidents where ambulances were unable to get access to people.

“There needs to be a space for an ambulance and a dropped kerb nearby. There are no dropped kerbs unless you go to the bottom of the estate, which involves walking or pushing a wheelchair.

“There’s definitely a need for more spaces — I’ve witnessed people pushing wheelchairs and prams across grass. We should really have one in each cul-de-sac. I’ll definitely be pushing for more, this is just the first thing.

“The ones to follow are less important but still needed. For example, we need more dropped kerbs at the entrance to the estate.

“The council should be aware that there are a number of disabled people in the area and Henley as a whole.”

Members of the Henley Town Council’s town and community committee have supported the new disabled bay.

Councillor David Nimmo Smith, a town and county councillor, stressed that parking would not be affected, adding: “There are already plenty of other spaces available.”

In April, the town council’s parking supervisor recommended that a disabled space outside the Catherine Wheel in Hart Street should be converted into a bay for drivers with a resident’s permit.

But after a backlash from residents and some councillors, the idea was scrapped.

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