Monday, 30 November 2020

Collapsing wall not repaired a year after complaint

A WALL that is in danger of falling over has still not been fixed — more than a year later

A WALL that is in danger of falling over has still not been fixed — more than a year after being reported.

The brick wall in Damer Gardens, Henley, was reported to Oxfordshire County Council by a resident in July last year but no action was taken until April this year when the same woman threatened to alert the Henley Standard.

The council erected a barrier around the wall and told the woman that it hoped to encourage the homeowner to rebuild the wall.

Chris Softley, a highways officer, wrote to her saying that South Oxfordshire District Council would be alerted to “see what they can do to assist us in this”.

The district council has the power to order the wall to be repaired or rebuilt. However, since then nothing has happened despite repeated requests made by the woman. She claimed the wall was a danger to passers-by.

“There are a lot of children passing through here every day with their parents,” she said. “If anything happened to anyone I would blame the council because they should have done something.

“I don’t know why the council haven’t just got off their backs and just got on with the job. At one stage they said that they would rebuild the wall and then send a bill to this chap but it hasn’t happened.”

Councillor David Nimmo Smith, who represents Henley on the county council, said he was disappointed that nothing had been done.

“These things do take a long time to sort out but what annoys me is that the barriers are still there, which kids play behind,” he said.

“From an engineering point of view, the wall is probably not going to fall down tomorrow but it has already slipped and it will get worse.”

A district council spokesman said: “Following inspections, we are satisfied that the wall in Damer Gardens does not currently pose any danger to the public.

“The landowner has confirmed that they are dealing with the issue and we understand that they will carry out repairs to the wall in due course.”

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