Tuesday, 01 December 2020

£250,000 executive’s role could be scrapped

THE role of chief executive at Oxfordshire County Council could be scrapped.

THE role of chief executive at Oxfordshire County Council could be scrapped.

Councillors will meet next week to discuss the idea, which would save £250,000 a year.

Council leader Ian Hudspeth said, “It is well-known that local government in general and Oxfordshire County Council in particular must find more savings on top of those already made.

“Removing the chief executive post is part of an ongoing plan to cut council costs, which has seen a 40 per cent reduction in senior managers since 2010.

“If councillors approve this proposal, there would be a new management structure based on the existing senior managers. We would also review our legal and financial safeguards to make sure the council is properly run and emphasise the role of scrutiny.

“This is a big change for the council and it has not been a decision I have made lightly but it is borne of the need to find new ways to deliver essential frontline services in the certain knowledge that further austerity is coming the way of the public sector over coming years.”

Cllr Huspdeth has already backed a suggestion that his council should merge with Oxfordshire’s four district councils and Oxford City Council, which it is said would save up to £32.5million a year.

He said, “We are beyond the point where further savings can be achieved by finding more efficiencies or ‘salami slicing’ of services.“

Joanna Simons has been chief executive of the council since 2005.

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