Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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THE polls opened in Henley at 7am today for parliamentary, district and town council elections

THE polls opened in Henley at 7am today for parliamentary, district and town council elections.

Candidates for Henley Town Council were among the first to arrive at the town hall in Market Place to cast their votes.

There are 31 candidates vying for 16 seats, eight in each of the north and south wards.

Henley Residents' Group will be looking to wrestle back control of the council from the Conservatives.

It lost their majority in February when Martin Akehurst and Dieter Hinke switched to the other party.

The defection came less than three months after the pair and three other councillors quit HRG blaming "serious conflict" within the party. All five are standing for re-election, three as independents.

The other parties fielding candidates are Green and Liberal Democrat.

Former Henley Mayor Ken Arlett, UKIP, is one of 15 candidates seeking election to South Oxfordshire District Council. There are vying for three seats rather than four in the Henley ward due to a boundary change since the last election.

The other candidates include sitting councillors Joan Bland and Will Hall, both Conservative, Jeni Wood and Elizabeth Hodgkin, both independent.

The other parties fielding candidates are Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat.

There are five candidates standing to be MP of the Henley constituency.

Conservative John Howell is looking to serve for a second full term after taking over from Boris Johnson, who quit as MP in 2008 to become Mayor of London.

The other candidates are Sue Cooper, Liberal Democrat, Christopher Jones, UKIP, Sam Juthani, Labour, and Mark Stevenson, Green.

Polls close at 10pm.

Henley Town Council candidates:

South ward:

Sara Abey (HRG)
Martin Akehurst (Con)
Helen Chandler-Wilde (Con)
Sam Evans (Con)
Rowan Fuller (Con)
Fiona Galton-Fenzi (Con)
Stefan Gawrysiak (HRG)
Dieter Hinke (Con)
Kellie Hinton (HRG)
Glen Lambert (HRG
Bruce Mason (HRG)
Sarah Miller (HRG)
Ian Petrie (G)
Pam Phillips (Ind)
Jane Smewing (HRG)
Jeni Wood (Ind)

North ward:

Julian Brookes (Con)
David Eggleton (HRG)
Will Hamilton (Con)
Neill Hendry (Lib)
Lorraine Hillier (Con)
Elizabeth Hodgkin (Ind)
Simon Narracott (HRG)
David Nimmo Smith (Con)
Ian Reissmann (HRG)
Richard Rule (G)
David Silvester (Ind)
Simon Smith (Con)
Karan Takhar (HRG)
Dylan Thomas (Con)

South Oxfordshire District Council

Henley ward:

Ken Arlett (UKIP)
Joan Bland (Con)
Stefan Gawrysiak (HRG)
Elisabeth Geake (G)
Will Hall (Con)
Neill Hendry (Lib)
Lorraine Hillier (Con)
Elzabeth Hodgkin (Indp)
Chris Jones (UKIP)
Cornelius Kavanagh (Lab)
Simon Narracott (HRG)
Ian Petrie (G)
Richard Rule (G)
David Thomas (Lib)
Jeni Wood (Ind)

Henley parliamentary constituency:

Sue Cooper (Lib)
John Howell (Con)
Christopher Jones (UKIP)
Sam Juthani (Lab)
Mark Stevenson (G)

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