Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Parents and school buses ‘causing danger’

SCHOOL buses and parents parking on double yellow lines in a Henley street are causing a “significant danger”,

SCHOOL buses and parents parking on double yellow lines in a Henley street are causing a “significant danger”, it has been claimed.

Kate Nolson says she has had a number of near-misses as she drives out of St Mary’s Court into Market Place, where there is a drop-off and pick-up point for pupils.

In a letter to the town council, she suggested new road markings and signs warning of the site entrance.

Ms Nolson said: “The entrance gates are in constant use for the residents of St Mary’s Court and on numerous occasions I have had several near-misses with pedestrians walking in front of my car, cars undercutting while I turn into my property and cars blocking the entrance while parked on double yellow lines.

“This problem is significantly increased during term times as the school buses park close to the entrance and parents double park on the yellow lines to drop their children off. Many leave their cars empty and wait at the bus stop with the children, talking to other parents.

“Children often run alongside the parked cars, creating significant danger as they are not aware cars are using the gates early in the morning and afternoon.

“Please may I ask that you look into the issue and provide a resolution before a serious accident occurs?” Speaking at a meeting of the town council’s traffic advisory committee, Oxfordshire County Council highways officer David Tole suggested asking the schools to change the collection point.

He said that all school pick-up and drop-off times were “15 minutes of chaos”, adding: “You accept that’s life and adapt. There’s nothing that we can do to change that.

“I am not entirely sure what can be done other than an understanding by the residents of what the facts of life are. Given where it is, there are always going to be problems at certain times. Even if the coaches aren’t there, there will be lots of people walking up and down.”

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