Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Call for residents-only parking in busy streets

RESIDENTS’ permit parking zones could be introduced on three more streets in Henley.

RESIDENTS’ permit parking zones could be introduced on three more streets in Henley.

Louise Morton has called for the scheme to be rolled out on the lower half of St Mark’s Road, where she lives, plus St Andrew’s Road and Vicarage Road.

This would mean only people living in those streets could park there.

Each household would be allowed one or two annual passes at £65 each while visitors could buy temporary permits at 30p a day.

Ms Morton told a meeting of Henley Town Council’s traffic advisory committee that the three roads were getting increasingly congested due to commuters and town centre workers parking there.

She said: “Most houses don’t have off-street parking and it’s very hard for people to park even near their properties, let alone in front.

“Planning restrictions mean people can’t remove their front walls as it’s a conservation area so I would like you to consider a consultation on parking permits.”

Councillor David Nimmo Smith said he would like to hear other residents’ views, adding that permits for those streets had been considered before and most people had opposed the idea.

He said: “By and large, the historic feedback has been that residents don’t want it and are happy to live with the problem rather than pay for parking.

“However, that doesn’t mean the problem hasn’t been getting worse over time or that we can’t look at it again.”

Permit schemes are currently in place in Albert Road, New Street, Friday Street, Thames Side, Queen Street, King’s Road, Clarence Road, York Road, Mount View, Badgemore Lane and a stretch of Reading Road near the town centre.

There are about 125 spaces but at least 175 permits have been issued.

Anyone who would like permit parking on their street is asked to email david.nimmo-smith@

Oxfordshire County Council will hold a formal consultation if enough people express an interest.

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