Sunday, 13 June 2021

Council seeks up to £200,000 for sports pavilion revamp

PEPPARD Parish Council is to spend up to £10,000 on drawing up plans to revamp the sports pavilion.

The project, which could cost up to £200,000 in total, could include extending the building in Stoke Row Road, replacing the roof and renovating the changing rooms. The heating and insulation could also be upgraded.

The council has set up a committee comprising councillors Simon Crouch, Tony Rancombe and Sue Rowland as well as Gerry Bacon and Charlie Laing, of Peppard Stoke Row Cricket Club, and villagers Mike Casserley and Dr Andrew Burnett.

They have visited the sports pavilion in Goring, which was refurbished recently, to get ideas.

A tree survey will be completed as some may need to be removed during construction.

Councillor Rancombe said: “We are at the very important stage of looking at the options and once we’re done we can look at the ideas and discuss costs. We can then make a decision about how to go forward. We’re coming up to setting our budget for the next financial year so we can feed the costs into the budget and work out what extra money we have to find.”

Councillor Crouch said he hoped up to half of the money would be provided by South Oxfordshire District Council. The cricket club hopes to raise £10,000 and will approach the English Cricket Board and Sport England for help.

Cllr Crouch added: “Sports England and the ECB are giving positive responses. From the parish council’s point of view, I think we would be getting a good deal if we provided 25 per cent and got a new pavilion that could last at least 30 years. The district council has been encouraging and helpful so far and hopefully it will continue to provide support all the way through.”

There will be a public consultation on the proposals later this year.

A planning application for a 1.8m wooden fence outside four houses on the corner of Gravel Hill and Stoke Row Road in Peppard has been withdrawn following criticism by residents.

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