Friday, 25 June 2021

Unicorns win club day

PEPPARD STOKE ROW UNICORNS edged out their clubmates MAHARAJAS by seven runs in their club day at Peppard Common on Sunday.

The Unicorns batted first in their Twenty20 showdown, and Scott Harris (31, retired) and Tom Brown (13) set a solid base.

Fergus Nutt (30, retired) kept the momentum going and the Unicorns ended on 153-5 with Hamish Scott also adding some useful runs.

The Mahas flew out of the blocks with Nick Sedgwick (32, retired) looking particularly good, although Chris Humphreys grabbed a brace of wickets with his left-arm seam.

Andy Watts hit an unbeaten 32, which featured a number of shots through the leg side, but a brace of wickets for Nutt put the Unicorns back in pole position.

Rob and Owen Simmons both batted well, but the Unicorns brought back their Home Counties bowlers Humphreys and Scott to make sure they were not humiliated for a second year in a row.

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