Sunday, 13 June 2021

Tricky last hurdle in store for high-riding Henley

IN the twinkling of an eye, the 2014 season is all but over and once again Henley are Champions Elect.

Twenty-one points to the good, they cannot be caught by Slough unless they lose the last game of the season, score no points and are docked points for a slow over rate or other defalcation.

The final visitors to the Brakspear Ground tomorrow (Saturday, 11am) are Burnham.

After a bright start to the season, Burnham found themselves in top spot in Division 1, their skipper Hanveer Gandam telling the press that on their day, his side could beat anyone in the league.

However, after that, hubris set in, and in Week nine, Gandam was forced to eat his words as Henley toughed out a win in a rain-affected and somewhat fractious affair at the Memorial Ground.

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