Sunday, 25 July 2021

Peppard Stoke Row clinches promotion

Nick Windsor scored his maiden half century as PEPPARD STOKE ROW 2nds secured promotion from Division 2 with a winning draw at CROWTHORNE AND CROWN WOOD 2nds.

The opener made 54 and was ably supported by Olly Nicholson, Sam Fooks and captain Gary Legg as the visitors racked up 190-8.

In reply Ruaridh Scott and Mick Chard senior bagged an early wicket apiece. Mo Khan and Richard Woolfrey put further pressure on the hosts before Legg’s spell of left arm spin put Crowthorne and Crown Wood nine down. The visitors were unable to grab the final wicket as Crowthorne ended on 143-9.


N Windsor, b Storey 54

S Gozzard, c & b Long 13

O Nicholson, lbw, b Sheppard 36

R Walker, c Long, b Sheppard 5

S Fooks, not out 32

G Legg, b Storey 23

M Hennessy, c Stent, b Cartledge 4

R Woolfrey, b Storey 12

M Khan, not out 9

Extras 2

TOTAL (8 wkts) 190


R Stent, lbw, b Chard 5

J Boulton, b Scott 6

A Long, c Scott, b Wooflrey 22

S Puttige, c Nicholson, b Khan 13

D Boulton, st Hennessy, b Legg 29

S Clarke, b Khan 2

S Sheppard, c Hennessy,

b Woolfrey 0

M Knight, c Woolfrey, b Legg 24

M Storey, not out 5

S Chandran, lbw, b Legg 23

J Cartledge, not out 0

Extras 14

TOTAL (9 wkts) 143

• Best bowling: G Legg 3-18, M Khan 2-27, R Woolfrey 2-32.

PEPPARD STOKE ROW 3rds maintained their unbeaten run in Division 4 — which now stretches to nine weeks — but were unable to dismiss CROWTHORNE AND CROWN WOOD 3rds as they had to settle for a draw.

Carl Hvass took 14 off the opening over after Peppard Stoke Row elected to bat and he was well supported by fellow opener Neeraj Sharma, Tim Vines and Dominic Hall as the hosts declared on 264-4 after 39 overs.

The visitors proved obdurate in their response as they ended on 80-7 after 51 overs.

Pick of the home bowlers were Rob Dyer and Vines while 13-year-old Dan Bacon again underlined his burgeoning promise by keeping for the entire innings.


C Hvass, run out 40

N Sharma, c Knox, b Jocelyn 41

T Vines, b Jocelyn 65

D Hall, c Knox, b Jocelyn 49

P Kumar, not out 27

M Ravden, not out 25

Extras 17

TOTAL (4 wkts) 264


T Nash, run out 29

K Cluett, c Evans, b Sharma 13

T McDowell, lbw, b Vines 9

D Manning, b Vines 8

A Warner-Rowley, lbw, b Hall 4

A Knox, c Vines, b Dyer 0

C Foxon, not out 0

A Taylor, lbw, b Dyer 0

C Jocelyn, not out 0

Extras 17

TOTAL (7 wkts) 80

• Best bowling: R Dyer 2-7, T Vines 2-18.


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