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Zephyr flies away with fastest boy title for second year running at county final

RUPERT HOUSE School in Henley and Shiplake Primary School finished in joint third place in the County Cross Country Championships.

More than 250 primary school age children competed in the 14th annual event held on February 29 at Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge in Sonning Common.

Pupils from 19 primary schools across Oxfordshire took part and there were individual races for boys and girls ranging from Year 1 to Year 6.

Oliver Buff, of Rupert House, won the Year 1 boys’ race, followed by William Lamacraft, of Shiplake primary, in second, and Danny Gibbon, of Trinity School in Henley in third, out of 28 runners.

Jemima Watson, of Rupert House, won the Year 1 girls’ race, followed by Izzy Conway, of Nettlebed Community School, while Alice Vernon, of Rupert House, and Ruby Jones, of Peppard came in joint third, out of 31 runners.

Zephyr Gibbon, from Trinity School, who won the Year 1 boys’ race last year, was fastest in the Year 2 boys’ race this time. He was followed by Joshua Barton and Milo Williams, both of Whitchurch Primary School, who came second and third respectively, out of 23 runners.

Emily Palmer, from Shiplake primary, won the Year 2 girls’ race, followed by Noemi Martini, of Sacred Heart School in Henley, in second, and Isabelle Craven, of Oratory Preparatory School came third, out of 27 runners.

In the Year 3 boys’ race, Edward Carey, of Shiplake primary, was fastest out of 18 runners. Other local finishers included Henry McClean, of Trinity School, who finished third, William Tomlinson, of Whitchurch Primary came fourth and Fred Hyde and Willis Jones, both of Trinity, came fifth and sixth.

Freddie Wright, Harvey Stokes, Irving Paviour, Lawrence Corridge and Oz Britton-Evans, all of Kidmore End, also completed the race, alongside Jack Ingram and Henry Dias, of Sacred Heart.

The Year 3 girls’ race was won by Abigail Peates, of Woodcote Primary School and Lucy Lamacraft, of Shiplake primary came fourth.

Other local runners included Coco Wren Grogan, Tara Chesters and Grace Porter, of Shiplake primary, Lyra Jones and Annabelle Owens, of Peppard Primary School, and Millie Green, of Sonning Common Primary School.

The Year 4 boys’ race was won by Noah Perrone, of Trinity School, followed by Rocco Bray, of Sonning Common primary in second, and Josh Martin, of Shiplake primary in third.

Other local runners included Rafe Nelmes, of Whitchurch primary, who came fourth, and Grayson Milan, of RAF Benson Primary School, who finished in sixth place.

Emily Appleby, of Sonning Common primary, was runner-up in the Year 4 girls’ race, while Isabella Stobie, of Trinity primary finished third.

Bridget Ashby, of Nettlebed Community School, finished in fourth while Isolde Garvin, who attends the same school, finished in sixth place.

The Year 5 boys’ race was won by Joshua Sudbury, of Woodcote primary, while Alfred Carey, of Shiplake primary, finished in fourth place.

Allegra Wilson, of Rupert House, was runner-up in the Year 5 girls’ race while Emily Lewis, of Goring Primary School, finished third. Elin Barr, of Rupert House, was fifth and Heather Toward, of Peppard primary, finished eighth.

Olly Offwood, of Nettlebed school, won the Year 6 boys’ race, followed by Joshua Hatt, of Sonning Common, in second place and William Kent, of Goring primary, in third place.

Other local runners included Aidan Watkins and Louis Tuckwell, of Whitchurch primary, Harrison Kent, of Goring primary, David Stobie, of Trinity school, Maxwell Dellor and Adam Bennett, of Nettlebed school and Oliver Preston, of RAF Benson primary.

Millie Le Beigge, of Nettlebed school, won the Year 6 girls’ race, while Ava Dowman, of Woodcote primary, finished third.

Other local runners included Matilda Manly, of Shiplake primary, Sophia Manson, Isabella Miles-Kingston and Matilda Stubbs, of Rupert House, and Jessica Purchase, of RAF Benson school.

The overall team position are as follows: 1 Wantage; 2 Headington; 3 Shiplake and Rupert House; 5 Trinity; 6 Woodcote; 7 Nettlebed; 8 Sonning Common; 9 Kidmore End; 10 Whitchurch.

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