Monday, 17 January 2022

Village set to reduce speed limit

A 20MPH speed zone could be introduced in Cuxham.

Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, is proposing to lower the current 30mph limit following concerns about road safety raised by residents.

The proposed scheme would involve introducing the 20mph zone using signage and later installing a series of traffic-calming measures, such as planters and white posts to narrow the road.

Ian Goldsmith, chairman of Cuxham with Easington Parish Meeting, said: “We have been concerned about the speed of the vehicles going through the village for some time.

“We had a survey in 2019 which showed that the average speed seemed to be 39mph and that is very high.

“With the housing developments in the area, the volume of traffic will increase and we are concerned.

“Recently, two cars have been written off and a number have had their wing mirrors damaged, mostly by the heavy goods vehicles that travel through the village daily.

“It’s quite dangerous and people have been concerned about walking to the pub with their children.

“We are grateful to the council for listening to our concerns and, assuming the trial goes well, that it will help road safety for cyclists and walkers.”

Freddie Van Mierlo, who represents the village on the county council, said: “I’m delighted that Cuxham was selected as one of five trial sites for innovative traffic- calming measures.  

“The fact that Cuxham was chosen and has progressed to this stage is down to the exceptional hard work and dedication of the parish meeting and I am pleased to have provided support where I could.  

“The results from the trial in Cuxham will help inform wider changes to make it easier for towns and villages to get the traffic-calming measures they want and need.  

“With these measures, I hope that drivers will feel like they are passing through a village where people live rather than driving on a road that happens to have houses next to it.”  

The council is due to decide whether to go ahead with the scheme on
September 2.

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