Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Virtuosity from Vienna

Virtuosity from Vienna
The story of Cinderella is probably one of the best known fairytales, and Vienna Festival Ballet’s version has all the wonderful characters that you would expect to see.

Two entertaining ugly sisters, a helpless young servant girl, the mean stepmother and the beautiful sparkly slippers.

All of these combined with beautiful dance tell the story that we all know and love so well.

Watching the transformation of Cinderella from lowly scullery maid, transformed into her beautiful dress and moving on to pointe was magical, the outfits were all so amazing, and moved so well as part of the dance. The show gave so many opportunities for the Vienna Festival Ballet to show everyone’s expertise with a multitude of group dances with up to 16 people on the stage at any one time, down to duets and solo spots.

I think my favourite dancer was the Fairy Godmother, played by Emily Joy Smith. She was delicate yet magical, in true fairy godmother style.

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