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Howzat! Felix hits six as Beefy works on delivery

A BOY from Henley has starred in an advert with England cricket legend Sir Ian Botham.

A BOY from Henley has starred in an advert with England cricket legend Sir Ian Botham.

Felix Gavin, six, appeared alongside the all-rounder, affectionately known as Beefy, in a commercial for medical devices company Revitive Medic.

The advert was produced by Felix’s father Kieran who runs The Living Room, a media production and advertising company based in Bell Street.

In the advert Felix, who goes to Sacred Heart Primary School, plays Sir Ian’s grandson and was tasked with whacking a cricket ball on cue.

This was all done in time while Sir Ian reads his line promoting the product.

It took him only three attempts to produce the required swing to leg on camera at the shoot, which was at a house in Marlow.

Kieran said: “It’s the sort of thing that can take one take or a few hours. 

“We had to be able to get Sir Ian delivering his line well and the bowling to be right and at a good height so Felix could hit it.”

When the shot is completed Sir Ian raises his hands and cheers. In a shot not used in the advert he also ruffles Felix’s hair.

Kieran and Felix practised cricket, a sport the youngster had not played before, with Jade Soar and her daughter Georgina, who also goes to Sacred Heart.

Jade, a make-up artist who lives in Henley, was one of about 20 people who were part of the crew on the shoot, which took place at the end of June.

During the shoot Sir Ian helped Felix, who did not know who the all-rounder was before the shoot, with his stance to make it easier for him to make the big shot.

“I like playing cricket now,” Felix says. “I’m pretty good at hitting the ball.Sometimes he thought it was a bad throw and sometimes he got his lines wrong.”

Felix arrived at the shoot around noon but his father had been on site since 6.30am as they tried to complete the shoot in one day.

The team finished the shoot by about 7pm and then had dinner at Hotel du Vin, in Henley, where Sir Ian stayed.

But it was not the first time Felix had appeared in front of the camera, he was also in short-film Rowbots.

This was a promotional sci-fi film for businesses in Henley with UFO’s flying over Henley and beaming down giant tin robots which proceed to cause havoc in the town.

Kieran said: “The client wanted a child in the commercial with Ian Botham.

“They were obviously aware of Felix, had seen him and asked if he would be interested in the part.

“They had seen him in front of the camera in the short-film Rowbots and that he was happy doing it.”

Being comfortable in front of the camera may come naturally to Felix because his grandfather, George Gavin, is a Sky Sports presenter.

He also makes a guest appearance in Rowbots. To see it, go to 

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