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text9 February 1917 Nettlebed - Severe weather

The village has felt the effects of arctic weather, 17 degrees of frost being registered. The birds are dying in their hundreds. The frost has also played

havoc with the vegetables in the district

the only people who revel in the weather are the skaters. The ponds have good ice on them and are well patronised by a good attendance of the fair sex, the local skate merchant having been very busy attending to their wants and whims.


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Don't forget to alter your clock

Daylight Saving began last year on Sunday May 21st.

This year the date is accelerated. Three o'clock in the

morning of next Sunday 8th April is the moment fixed

when Old Father Time has, willy-nilly, to take an extra

step forward. At 2 am on the 8th it will be three and

the hour thus lost will remain, as it were, in suspension

until the morning of Monday September 17th, when 3 o'clock

will become two and the calendar bill get its own again.

The return of the hour, like its departure, is earlier

than last year when we did not recover it until October 1st.


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