Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Correct responses

NHS chiefs were left a little red-faced after getting the finish date for a healthcare consultation wrong — by four months.

The Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Big Consultation, which asks for residents’ views on healthcare services across the county, finished on Sunday.

But in an email sent out earlier in the week the closing date was given as August 9. Luckily, a second email followed with the correct date.

Unfortunately, it means that if you haven’t already done so, it’s now too late to respond.

On a similar theme, Henley Mayor Julian Brookes got the name of one of the recipients slightly wrong at the presentation of this year’s town medal.

In front of a packed annual town meeting, he announced the winner as “Ian Foster”.

As cries from the public informed him that the winner’s surname was in fact “Forster” the ever-polite Mayor said: “I do beg your pardon.”

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