Sunday, 14 August 2022

Opening gesture

THERE was much amusement at a misunderstanding between two Conservative councillors at the recent meeting of Henley Town Council’s town and community committee.

Members were discussing an initiative called Close the Door, in which local retailers will be encouraged to shut their doors to save energy and keep out air pollution.

David Dickie, of Henley in Transition, which is championing the scheme, stood up in the public gallery and said: “I would like to discuss our new proposal for Henley’s shops.”

Tory councillor David Nimmo Smith replied at the very moment his colleague Helen Chandler-Wilde, who was running late, entered the council chamber and sat down without shutting the door.

He said: “Ah yes, Close the Door.”

Councillor Chandler-Wilde thought he was referring to her and,
visibly chastised, dutifully stood up to do as she was told before, to everyone’s amusement, the penny dropped.

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