Monday, 20 September 2021

Appeal for return of 'kidnapped' butcher

A KIDNAPPING took place in Hambleden recently — but it’s unlikely that the police will be called in.

Louise Foers, who baked a cake to celebrate the 100th birthday of former village butcher Arthur Wheeler, is calling for the safe return of the miniature Lego butcher that she decorated it with.

Her creation was the centrepiece of a party held at the village hall two weeks ago attended by Mr Wheeler and scores of his friends.

The cake also included a cow, a sheep and a pig made from icing and a replica of the sign that still hangs above his old shop, as we reported last week.

Louise, who runs a baking company called the Gourmet Gob, was asked to bake it by Hambleden district councillor Chris Whitehead, who organised the celebration.

He had ordered the figure online for £5 and asked her to incorporate it — but now it has disappeared.

Louise says: “I think it was one of the few decorations associated with butchery that were appropriate for a cake. I also included the animals because back in the day they would have been slaughtered on site.

“It’s not the kind of work I would usually do but I know Arthur from walking around the village and it was such a special occasion that I was happy to make an exception.

“A few days after the party, I asked Chris how it had been received and he said it was very popular but, sadly, it seems the little butcher had slipped into someone’s pocket. We’re hoping he will reappear if we appeal.”

Anyone who finds the missing figure should email Louise at

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