Monday, 08 August 2022

An unlikely result

WITH a 58 per cent share of the vote at the 2015 general election, John Howell has little to fear when the country goes to polls again on June 8…or does he?

A constituent of the Conservative MP has set up a Facebook group called “Is it worth voting in Henley-on-Thames?” which encourages people to go to the polls on June 8.

Victoria Morgan, of Niagara Road, Henley, claims that a much bigger turnout could make all the difference.

She writes: “Henley is a true blue constituency but the mathematics show that most of the electorate did not vote for that. We intend for this page to give some direction to lost, disaffected or undecided voters in Henley.

“Your choice to vote is a privilege and we hope to make you feel it is worth voting. In the last election, 32,000 people voted Conservative in the Henley constituency while 46,000 did not, of whom half didn’t vote at all. That left just 23,000 spread over the remaining parties.”

Rich Voysey, one of the 93 people to join the group (at the time of writing) adds: “So often you’ll hear this ‘it isn’t worth voting’ argument as ‘the Tories will easily get in’. Clearly though, when you look at the numbers, it damn well is worth voting.”

According to a poll of the members, 45 per cent will be voting Labour, 25 per cent Lib-Dem and four per cent Conservative.

If the actual result reflected that, it would be surely be the biggest swing in political history!

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