Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Unhappy villagers

SOME Whitchurch residents aren’t scared to express their hostility towards a proposed skate park on the village green.

Comments left on the village website include a series of sarcastic suggestions from opponents.

Jim Davis says: “I would like to see an Olympic swimming pool built. In theory it would fit nicely on the village green, although the plans would need to ensure there is an anti-clockwise lane for capable swimmers.”

Stewart House, of Swanston Field, says: “Add an indoor cycling velodrome to the plans, please. That would complement the swimming pool nicely.”

Jon Steward, of Manor Road, says: “Maybe we could have a roller coaster, an outdoor ski slope or better yet something like the Hollywood Bowl.

“Then we could book the best heavy metal bands to make people happy.”

Unlike you guys.

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