Saturday, 23 October 2021

If you think our weather has been awful...

If you think our weather has been awful...
IF you think the weather has been bad here, spare a thought for the people of Bled, Henley’s Slovenian twin town.

The country has been hit by fierce snowstorms, leaving a quarter of homes without power, public transport at a standstill and 40 per cent of schools closed. Trees have been brought down in front of Bled town hall and residents have been asked not to drink the tap water.

Janez Fajfar, the town’s mayor, says no one can recall so much snow falling in such a short space of time but that everyone is pulling together to try to keep the town moving. “We try our best,” he says. “After the winter the spring comes for sure, so let’s stay optimistic.”

Now there’s a thought to cheer some of our flood victims.

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