Saturday, 16 October 2021

Tories sink boat idea

PLANS by Henley Town Council to buy a boat were almost scuppered by opposition Conservative councillors.

The ruling Henley Residents’ Group wants a vessel to allow its staff to carry out work on the River Thames.

Conservative councillor Sam Evans told a council meeting: “It is the most shocking waste of council tax money.

“We have, however, many boat owners in this town. I can think of five who could come up with a very good leasing arrangement whenever you needed to use a boat. It might cost £1,000 to buy but how much is winter storage? I could go on...”

Her colleague Will Hamilton added: “Not even the Queen has a boat. If it goes ahead it should be called HRG Britannia!”

When Ian Reissmann (HRG) said he liked that name, Cllr Hamilton quickly added: “Or the Titanic!”

Mayor Kellie Hinton responded that, at this stage, buying or hiring a boat was only a “budget consideration”.

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