Sunday, 26 September 2021

Back in 'Hobbiton' by Dhani Harrison

MUSICIAN Dhani Harrison has been recalling his childhood in Henley or, as he calls it, “Hobbiton”.

He grew up at Friar Park with his parents George and Olivia Harrison and his bedroom was above the former Beatle’s recording studio.

Dhani, 39, who has just released his own solo album, In///Parallel, now spends most of his time in America but can recall as a boy seeing music stars of the day.

He told the Independent: “I grew up in that studio. As a kid, I remember sneaking in, seeing how far I could get in before anyone saw me.

“You’d smell cigarette smoke and I’d be thinking, ‘I’m not supposed to be here…’ You might catch Roy Orbison singing Not Alone Anymore or Carl Perkins or Duane Eddy doing an instrumental. It was mind-bending.”

Dhani returned to Friar Park, which his mother still owns, when he flew back to the UK earlier this month and kissed the ground.

He said: “This beautiful forest, river lands, sunny day, I saw my old dog, I went into the little local pub, everyone’s like, ‘All right, Dhani?’

“Nothing’s changed, it’s like Hobbiton. It’s completely grounding.”

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