Sunday, 05 December 2021

Calendar comedian

RICHARD RODWAY is clearly in the Christmas spirit. The organiser of the Henley Living Advent Calendar also acts as host on most nights, introducing the performers and conducting the raffle.

During the raffle at Phyllis Court Club on Sunday, club chairwoman Tricia Christmas won a cuddly reindeer and then asked for it to be auctioned.

“Auctioneer” Richard asked the audience: “How much for the bear?” They shouted back in unison: “It’s a reindeer!”

The following night at the River & Rowing Museum Richard did his best to improvise when one of the performers arrived late.

Carl Bache, who was performing with Henley Music School, where he is a teacher and director, was trying to sneak upstairs but had difficulty because he was carrying a large instrument box.

Richard told the audience of more than 100 people waiting for the show to begin that there was “nothing to see”.

For all the extra comedy Richard is providing, maybe someone should get him a drink!

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