Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Firefighters who followed the script

HENLEY’S firefighters always give their all for the Living Advent Calendar.

Their performance each year has become a firm favourite with residents as they mix humour with safety messages in their sketches.

After this year’s show, called “Elf and Safety”, on Saturday evening, crew manager Mike Saunders gave me a copy of his script as he was so proud of it.

The level of detail is admirable. As well as the dialogue, the script lists all the actions in the firefighters’ dance routine, which paid homage to The Full Monty.

It reads: “The door opens and the crew are dancing to Keep Your Hat On… Lean to right knee, up to central. Lean to left knee, up to central. Shoulder shimmy x2 to the right, up to central. Shoulder shimmy x2 to the left, up to central. Shake to the right, two steps. All turn left, hip sways. All turn right, hip sways.”

And finally: “Sway hip, then on command from extreme left, hat to privates.”

Meanwhile, someone let slip the identity of one of this week’s acts, which is meant to be kept secret until the performance begins.

More than an hour before the scheduled start of Sunday’s show, Rupert House School’s Twitter feed said how much they were looking forward to seeing Steph’s Divas and Dudes at the town hall that night.

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