Thursday, 23 September 2021

Finding love in the pub (continued)

THE pub is obviously a good place to find love. I know this after my item last week about couples who met in a bar prompted more prize-winning entries from Brakspear’s Valentine’s “pub love” competition.

Katie Sheehan said she first met her husband in the Row Barge in West Street, Henley, 10 years ago.

She continued: “I was going to meet some friends but they were late and I ended up talking to a (very handsome) man, who then asked me out. We are now married and have two daughters and a dog.”

Katie also grew up in a pub as her parents ran the former Fox at Bix as well as the the Bull in Wargrave.

Janet Middleton-Stewart first met her husband at The Anchor in Friday Street, Henley, in February 2000.

She recalls: “Having recently bought a house in Boathouse Reach, I had been recommended a visit to my local.

“As I drove into dark and dismal Henley on returning from a week in warm and sunny Nassau, I decided the pub was the best place to head to.

“I was the only person there as I perched on a bar stool with a large, white South African — white wine, not the barman.

“Before long customers started arriving and a nearby table had filled up with a jolly crowd joining up after a day at work.

“A delightful Irish girl called over and asked me to join them rather than sitting on my own, so I sat listening to all their banter.

“Gradually, they left to go home for supper and there was just one man left. He suggested we moved from the table back to the bar and we carried on chatting for some time.

“He walked me home so knew where I lived and told me he lived a few minutes away.

“A few days later an unaddressed envelope arrived on the doormat (neither he nor I had actually exchanged names) asking me if I would like to go out on February 14.

“I decided there was nothing to lose. He arrived with a pot of daffodils from the local greengrocer and we had a great evening.

“We ended up getting married on November 5 that year with a honeymoon in Cape Town as he was also from South Africa.”

Anyone fancy a drink…?

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