Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Grappling at the council...

OUR story last week about the charity wrestling event at Henley town hall sparked the imagination of some Twitter users who suggested some wrestler names for some of the councillors.

The “bouts” featured Donna Cook, the newest member and a Conservative, as “The Debutante” versus Ian Reissmann, of Henley Residents Group, as “The Circling Vulture”. Then there was Ken “Animal” Arlett (HRG) v “Sweetness and Light” Sara Abey (Con), “Sock-it-to ’em” Sarah Miller (HRG) v “Toryassaurus Antiqua” David Nimmo Smith (Con) and “Kick-Ass” Kellie Hinton (HRG) v Julian “The Gent” Brookes (Con).

Top of the bill, though, was Tory Will “Handsome Hulk” Hamilton versus HRG’s Stefan “Gruesome Grizzly” Gawrysiak. Ding, ding…

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