Friday, 17 September 2021

Was June driest on record?

THERE is some controversy as to whether last month was the driest June on record, as has been suggested by the media.

Sindlesham had less than a millimetre of rain, which is a record for more than 100 years, and Middle Assendon recorded 2.8mm, making it the second driest for 154 years (the Chilterns had no rain at all in June 1925).

In Shiplake, there was a mere 1.6mm, not enough to do much good in the garden or allotment.

The temperatures ranged from 4.1C to 29.9C, giving a mean of two degrees above the average — virtually the same as in June last year. But it was not quite as warm as in 1976, which was a third of a degree higher.

With a temperature of 32C on Sunday (July 1) it looks as though the dry, hot spell is to continue.

My thanks to Denis Gilbert, from Shiplake, for the statistics.

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