Monday, 29 November 2021

Shear obscenity...

WHEN you’re staging some old-fashioned family entertainment, you’ve sometimes got to throw in some jokes for the adults.

While giving a sheep shearing demonstration at the Henley Show on Saturday, farmer Warren Calitz almost let slip a risqué remark that went straight over the heads of the children in the front row.

As he held a set of clippers to his arm to prove it didn’t hurt the sheep, he said: “It’s perfectly fine and feels a bit like a vibr… I mean, an electric toothbrush.”

Meanwhile, let no one say that the Henley Standard wasn’t committed to getting the perfect shot from the show.

While taking a photo of two piglets in their sty, our reporter realised he had knelt in two small piles of muck that were exactly knee width apart.

As he wiped himself clean on a nearby hay bale, a passer-by reassured him: “Well, it wouldn’t be a country show if you didn’t go home smelling of the country!”

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