Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Village’s rural idyll spoiled by murder...

EAGLE-eyed viewers may have spotted murder and mayhem unfolding in Turville during the fourth episode of the BBC 1 spy drama Killing Eve.

The village, which doubles in the show as the fictional Buckinghamshire hamlet of Bletcham, serves as the backdrop for a failed assassination involving a high-speed car chase and machine gunfire.

In a lengthy scene filmed in April, psychopathic contract killer Villanelle pulls up at the terraced cottages opposite St Mary the Virgin Church and goes inside to flush out an MI6 agent who lives there.

When her quarry flees, the assassin — played by British actress Jodie Comer — pursues him in a 4x4 while a female accomplice shoots at him from the sunroof with an automatic assault rifle.

The chase winds through the lanes in and around the village and ends at the top of the hill near Turville windmill, where the target escapes and Villanelle intentionally kills her accomplice, a former lover, by running her over.

I imagine that must have got a few curtains twitching!

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