Sunday, 19 May 2019

‘Bionic’ councillor who turned air blue

‘Bionic’ councillor who turned air blue

GORING now has its own six million dollar councillor.

Kevin Bulmer, who is the area’s representative on Oxfordshire County Council, is currently recovering from a right shoulder replacement after he injured the joint in a fall in his garden over the summer.

He shattered it irreparably and had to undergo a “reverse” form of the procedure in which the bony ball at the top of the arm and its corresponding socket are replaced with artificial versions in the opposite positions.

Councillor Bulmer, who also chairs Goring Parish Council, currently wears his right arm in a sling to take the weight off while he gets used to the new joint and is relearning tasks such as tying his tie and changing a lightbulb.

He must move his shoulder primaily with his deltoid muscle, which is at the top of the arm, so must build up strength and co-ordination in this area.

Never one to miss the opportunity for humour, he describes himself on his Twitter profile as the “back-to-front bionic councillor” and posts regular updates on his progress.

In one recent entry, he said: “Just been looking at some more pictures of my reverse shoulder replacement. Looks like I’ve more screws and metal in me than a hardware store.

“I’ve already mastered putting my socks on but jumpers are currently beyond me unless they’re very stretchy and Mrs B helps.”

While recovering from the operation, a porter pushed him into a door frame “at what seemed like the speed of sound”.

Cllr Bulmer added: “Well, my swearing was the speed of sound. It put me back a few hours and shocked Mrs B with my knowledge of swear words (lifetime in the construction industry — you pick these things up).”

I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.

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