Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Timber granary was doomed in any case

THE mystery of the distinctive timber building that used to be on the Berkshire side of the Thames near Temple Island has been solved.

Ruth Gibson, secretary of the Henley Archaeological & Historical Group, has responded to my item last week about how the “granary”, as it was known, burned down.

She says: “It was part of Remenham Farm when members of our group partially recorded this in 1985. The granary was then very much part of a group of farm buildings, located close to the long stable/sheltershed range, which later served as the long bar at Remenham during many a regatta.

“In 2005 it was moved by the new owners to its new position opposite Temple Island, minus its staddle stones, where it mysteriously burnt down.

“Sadly, by moving it from the protection of the farmyard and putting its timber floorboards straight on the damp ground it was condemned to an early demise in any case.”

Ruth adds: “By the way, granaries are never found in isolation as they contained the bins for the valuable corn harvest and needed to be close by so that an eye could be kept on them against two-legged thieves as well as four-legged raiders.

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