Saturday, 24 August 2019

I adore Mary Berry says deadpan Dee

I adore Mary Berry says deadpan Dee

JACK DEE couldn’t resist a few jibes at Henley’s expense when he performed in the town.

The stand-up comedian, who is known for his deadpan and sarcastic delivery, took potshots at subjects close to residents’ hearts during a sold-out “work in progress” show at the Kenton Theatre in New Street on Tuesday last week.

He stepped into the spotlight with a dejected expression then mournfully surveyed the audience and said: “So... Henley-on-Thames. I hear there’s so much going on here. I’ve been doing this for a long time and if someone had sat me down and told me one day I’d be filling theatres in Henley — well, thanks for making the dream come true.”

Dee said rowing was “edge-of-your-seat stuff” then pretended to fall asleep. He said: “Whoever gets ahead at the start of the race is the winner. The rest is pointless — it’s like having a football match where someone comes in and tells you the final score after two minutes.”

He said he supported environmental campaigners’ efforts to reduce the use of plastic but was sceptical when children get involved.

“You see them being tugged along by their parents — ‘come on Houmous, come on Taramosalata, hold up your signs’. They’re shouting ‘what do we want? Save the planet! When do we want it? During double maths!’ I would have marched for Adolf Hitler if it got me a day off school.”

He said he almost didn’t appear on the Great Celebrity Bake Off in 2015 when he responded to the producers’ invitation with a mock tirade against presenter and judge Mary Berry, who lives in Henley.

Dee said: “I told them I wouldn’t go on it because I didn’t like her. I said ‘she’s a nasty piece of work and a vile human being’.

“They replied saying, ‘oh no, honestly, you’ve got her all wrong — she’s a lovely person’. They clearly didn’t know much about me if they thought I was being serious.”

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