Saturday, 24 August 2019

‘Lord’ David’s joke backfires

THE Deputy Mayor of Henley has been accused of getting ideas above his station.

When signing this year’s official photograph of the town council, David Eggleton chose to style himself “Lord Eggleton”.

He says he purchased the title for £200 at a sale at Bourne End Auction Rooms in the Eighties, when many aristocrats were selling the rights to small plots of their land in order to fund repairs to their stately homes.

Those who buy a manorial lordship may call themselves “lord of the manor” provided it is not done for fraudulent purposes but it doesn’t make them a member of the peerage.

David says he changed his title by deed poll and it appears on his cheque books and bank cards so he is within his rights to use it for council business.

“A lot of people don’t know that’s my title because there are a lot of times when it would work against you,” he adds.

“I don’t use it for everything as I don’t want to go waving it around.”

But that hasn’t impressed at least two other councillors, who are insisting the photograph is signed again without the offending honorific.

This is more likely to be necessary as Councillor Kellie Hinton followed David’s example and signed the photograph as “Kellie Hinton, Queen of the Mermaids”.

She says that the Deputy Mayor’s prank was “a bit of a silly thing to have done” and adds: “Really it should just be a straightforward signature as there should be some respect for the town council and its history.”

David adds: ” I didn’t want to offend anyone and was quite upset when I heard people weren’t happy because I haven’t done anything wrong.”

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