Tuesday, 26 January 2021

My own evidence of climate change

WITH temperatures ranging from -4.5Cto 17C, last month’s mean minimum and maximum were two degrees above the average for November over the last 30 years, writes Derek Gilbert.

There were seven frosts, which is the average for the month but the rainfall total of 50mm was relatively low.

By the end of the year I shall have a record of the rainfall and temperatures for the last 50 years and the indications so far are that the annual mean temperature has risen by more than one degree, a quarter of a degree every ten years but up to two degrees higher in summer.

Climate change deniers may challenge this but I can refer them to local websites based at Wokingham, Sindlesham and Reading University which will have similar readings to mine.

My screen is in a garden in Shiplake which overlooks an open field, so will record lower figures on cold winter evenings and experience more frosts than in built-up areas.

London, for example, is always warmer than Henley and Henley is usually warmer than parts of Shiplake.

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