Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Climate change

WITH temperatures ranging from -5.3C to 12.8C and 12 frosts, December was about average for the month, writes Denis Gilbert.

However, the Wokingham Climatological Station at Emmbrook recorded a daily mean increase of 0.5C.

It was a wet month with nearly 80mm of rain, the average being around 64mm.

Although some colder weather has marked the start of the new year, daffodils are already in flower — a full two months before spring.

Looking back further, temperatures have risen by one degree in the last 30 years and in the last 50 (records were first kept here in Shiplake in 1971) the annual mean has risen from 8.6C to 10.46C.

I don’t remember it, but in 1978 we had 128mm of rainfall. Annual totals have varied considerably, but there has been an increase of about eight per cent over the last 50 years and 2020 was one of the wettest with a total of 814mm.

So the climate is getting wetter and warmer.

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