Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Coronavirus Diaries: Dawn Conn

Coronavirus Diaries: Dawn Conn,

DAWN CONN is an international figurative sculptor who is self-isolating with her husband and adult daughter in Bix.

AREN’T these strange and challenging times… January 2021 was going to be the start of all things afresh — a new year, kicking 2020 far, far away.

I would be detoxing my mind and body (well, I haven’t had a glass of wine since January 1).

I would be refilling my creative jug with outings to exhibitions, galleries and museums after a frantic seven months of sculpting (ironically, I have been busier in the last seven months than in the last 10 years.

Hearing the news of the national lockdown III was met with frustration, disillusionment and concern.

“I am over this,” I yelled at the TV during the Prime Minister’s announcement on January 3. My husband, on the other hand, was really quite gleeful. He actually likes lockdown, especially when it means he does not have to travel for work abroad.

To be honest, at the moment, I have been struggling to keep upbeat to create sculptures full of joy. I have had to force myself into doing little rituals to keep motivated, which I haven’t done before this lockdown, such as writing in a journal — my worries, gratitude and hopes, taking an image each day for a photo journal (I am finding lockdown days are blending into one) and getting outdoors, whatever the weather, to do gardening or walking.

Sculpture has been and is even more so now my saviour and therapy in this lockdown.

Lately, the journey for me has moved from the expression of intensely personal themes to addressing the upheaval of the wider world.

Admittedly, I want to create pieces of beauty that are full of life and personality.

However, I want even more to create pieces that have a spirit which will add uplifting joy to the daily lives of people.

I love how my sculptures are helping people to feel happiness and inspiration — something we definitely need more of.

None of us knows what lies ahead. My goal is to learn the acceptance of an unknown future that will make me celebrate the present and cherish the daily miracle of all that is means to love and live.

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