Thursday, 07 July 2022

Beware raiders of the lost festival...

Beware raiders of the lost festival...

ORGANISERS of a controverisal Viking-themed festival which was going to take place near Henley have taken our coverage of the debate in good humour.

The Valhalla event was set to be held at Roundhouse Farm in Fawley over three days in July but organiser Skull Vikings has moved it to a site near Basingstoke following objections from villagers about potential noise and traffic problems.

Steve Samuels, the firm’s co-founder, posted a photo of himself on the festival’s Facebook page holding a copy of last week’s front-page story in one hand and a large axe in the other.

He said: “We made the front page of the Henley Standard because four grumpy old people living at least 180m from the main festival site were kicking up a massive fuss at council meetings.”

One follower replied: “Just send a couple of longships to the regatta in 2022.”

Another simply posted a photo of a group of marauding Vikings with the caption: “WE RAID”.

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