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Trampoline girl, 6, bounces back after breaking ankle

Trampoline girl, 6, bounces back after breaking ankle

A SPORTY girl was so bored at home after being immobilised by a broken ankle that she decided to hold a charity stall outside her house and raised more than £100.

Penny Pipe, six, from Wargrave, was injured during a family trip to Go Jump, a trampoline park in Slough.

Her mother Layla said: “I thought she had sprained her ankle and we took her to Townlands Hospital in Henley because it just kept swelling.

“She couldn’t put any weight on it and they suggested we have an

“She had chipped a bone and has to wear a boot for three weeks to keep everything in place. It was a clean break and she should get back to normal soon.” Mrs Pipe, 32, a bridal stylist, said Penny had actually tried to use the trampoline again after being injured.

“She shoved an ice pack in her sock and went back on before she realised that wasn’t a good idea,” she said.

They were at home two days later when Penny became restless as her father Jon, who is a firefighter, was working and her mother had to look after her brother Jasper, four, and sister
Fallon, one.

Mrs Pipe explained: “Penny said she was really bored and wanted to see people.

“She wanted to play a game and to have a stall outside. I told her she couldn’t just take the money for herself.”

Penny, who attends Robert Piggott Infant School in Beverley Gardens, decided to raise money for the village pre-school, which Jasper attends.

“She must have heard me talking about the pre-school when I was on the committee there,” said Mrs Pipe. Penny set up her stall outside the family’s home in Fidlers Walk.

She put out the mat from a game of Twister and asked passers-by to play a throwing game in return for a donation.

For 50p, players were given five coins each and had to land a coin on each of the four colours to win a prize. “She explained the game to them and cheered them on,” said Mrs Pipe. “She pretty much let everyone win and she even got a delivery driver to take part.”

Penny gave prizes of slap bands, which children smack on their wrist and curl aroud their arm, and her own Hatchimals toys to children who took part.

She raised £26.70 and parents and both sets of grandparents matched her efforts, bringing the overall total to £106.80.

Mrs Pipe said the injury was a “big blow” to her daughter.

She said: “She is a very sporty child and plays football for the girls’ section at Wargrave Wolves.

“But she is a pretty tough cookie and she doesn’t let things get her down that easily.”

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