Tuesday, 26 October 2021

30 years of fighting to protect countryside

KATE ASHBROOK is celebrating 30 years since she became general secretary of the Open Spaces Society.

The pressure group, which campaigns for the protection of open spaces, footpaths, common land and villages, is based in Bell Street, Henley.

Kate’s first day in the job got off to a bad start. Writing in her blog, she says: “My diary records that I arrived early at the office only to find I couldn’t get in because I hadn’t yet got keys, so I had to loiter in a rather gloomy passage until someone arrived. Things improved after that!”

Indeed things did improve as she has helped re-open many illegally blocked footpaths as well as campaigning for the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 and for the right to register village greens.

Kate, who lives in Turville, says: “The great thing about the society is that it can act swiftly; it is not bogged down in bureaucracy so we can take on a range of battles at short notice.”

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