Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Children help recover benches from river

Children help recover benches from river
WELL done to the pupils at Valley Road School in Henley who helped recover some memorial benches that were washed away from Mill Meadows in the floods earlier this year.

The children were on a school trip on the river with the Eyot Centre on Tuesday last week as part of their work on habitats. Year 4 class teacher Rachel Herbert says: “While out bell boating and nature spotting, they found an interesting item stuck among the trees on the island opposite the meadows.

“On closer inspection with their instructor Pete Holloway, they found some of the memorial benches that must have been washed away in the floods. With a bit of teamwork, they managed to get the benches on to the boat and paddled them back to the bank.”

The retrieved benches, which are dedicated to Edwin Astley, Joan Milverton and Kenneth Epton Hornby, were left at the Eyot Centre in Wargrave Road and the town council was informed so that they can returned to their rightful positions. Great job, kids.

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