Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Animal’s come a long way

JACK the capybara may be safely back in captivity but it appears there might be another exotic animal on the loose around Henley.

Kaye McArthur, of Ancastle Green, was walking to the cinema with her granddaughter Alicia on Tuesday last week when she saw what she believes was a bandicoot.

The pair were in the alleyway between Ancastle Green and Paradise Road at about 4pm when the creature appeared.

Mrs McArthur said: “It just walked in front of us. When I got home I searched for it on the internet and the closest thing I could see was a bandicoot. Either that or it was a giant rat with no tail.”

Bandicoots are marsupials endemic to Australia so it’s a mystery how one got it here unless, like Jack, it’s another escapee from Sir William and Lady McAlpine’s menagerie at Fawley Hill….

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